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Akij Ceramics Limited has always been about much more than just manufacturing ceramic tiles since their beginning in 2012. It has brought into being the best ceramic products that can ever exist by combining its continuous effort to implement aesthetic development in lifestyle and a philosophy of pursuing perfection. A dream to go big and relentless dedication towards it have taken Akij Ceramics to a leading position in the tiles industry of Bangladesh.

Starting with a production capacity of 20,000 sq. meters tiles per day, Akij Ceramics currently produces approximately 49,500 sq. meters of ceramic tiles every day. Crafted and developed by the unbeatable duo of art and science, dazzling ceramic masterpieces are born into the blazing furnaces of Akij Ceramics. Mirror Polished, Rustic, Satin Matt and other exquisite designs and textures are created with precision and perfection by a set of unique artistic minds with state-of-the-art technologies, just to give the consumers an experience of a lifetime.

Akij Ceramics has empowered its consumers not only with the best designs and various sizes, but also with impeccable durability which has now become the market standard. Using the latest European technologies in its facilities, Akij Ceramics is now striving to minimize its carbon footprint. Crafting better every day, Akij Ceramics aims to develop continuously with an unquenched thirst to remain the best in the tiles industry and to provide you with a unique experience of ceramic tiles.