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Modern living is defined by the incorporation of contemporary stylization in lifestyle technique. In many cases, what once was considered classic, slowly slipped into the abyss of oblivion. Only a handful few stood through the test of time and turned themselves into a new entity in respect to their appearance and acceptance in today’s sophisticated world. Desired by the elites, premium wall tile is recognized as one of those timeless elements and has become an integral part in decorating both commercial and home spaces. Its very appearance has become the symbol of social class one belongs to. Understanding this urge to belong to the elites, Akij Ceramics has introduced an elite range of wall tiles, Vanita, that creates an aristocratic impression and provides the architects with the freedom to create unparalleled beauty.

The unique European punches of Vanita creates magic to the eyes of the beholder. These punches give the designs a sense of depth with an artistic touch. The visual beauty of the punches merged with the sophisticated touch feeling change the existing décor into an elegant and harmonious space. The 300×500 mm and 300×600 mm tiles of Vanita come in Sugar Glaze, Matt, Rustic, Relief Punch variants and more.

The name VANITA is an Italian word, meaning grace and refinement. This refinement and flair of elegant lifestyle is reflected in the exquisite and posh designs of our premium range of kitchen and bathroom wall tiles. These phenomenal wall tiles are not just visually appealing, their designs leave an everlasting impression of experiencing something truly aristocratic. While offering the architects an inspiring element to create a unique structure, this elite range of wall tiles provides with the opportunity to have durable surfaces and magnificent finishes in creating architectural beauties.


Ceramic tiles provide the freedom of designing one’s home and commercial spaces according to their taste and preferences. Since the production of the first ceramic tile ever, this piece of decorative accessory has come a long way creating numerous sizes and designs in favor of different usage.

Over the years, designs and decorations of both home and commercial spaces have evolved drastically, leaving the architects and designers with a growing need for a range of aesthetic and highly durable ceramic tiles to bring their creativity into being. Keeping this in mind, Akij Ceramics has introduced 800×800 mm large floor tiles for which the architects and the designers have been longing for years! This unique range of large, astonishing and international standard floor tiles goes by the name – ‘Kathena”.

Kathena Floor Tiles are 12 mm thick and comes in various designs addressing different needs of different spaces. The range of this international standard, premium quality porcelain tiles boasts both matt and glossy engraved designs. Among these, Travertine inspired designs, Onyx Marble inspired designs and Wood Oak designs are the most sought after around the world. Besides engraved, polished, and matt textures, these beautiful tiles also come in Lappato finish, a cement face inspired semi-gloss appearance.

For the large-scale contemporary projects, architects seek not only durable ceramic tiles, but also something magnificently beautiful to the eyes and life-like to the tactile senses. This is where, Kathena 800×800 mm floor tiles by Akij Ceramics come as a natural choice, leaving others leagues behind.

Double Charge

In these evolving times, the demands in the construction sectors have evolved drastically as well. As cutting-edge technology is taking over, products are now more focused to address problems which were previously deemed unimportant. Same goes for the ceramic tiles industry. While the introduction of ceramic tiles to the world brought convenience and freedom in decoration, floor tiles in high traffic areas have always been suffering from erosion of surface texture and getting easily damaged due to heavy footfall. To bring an end to this suffering, Akij Ceramics has introduced ‘Double Charge’ Porcelain Tiles, a perfect solution to take the abuses in high traffic areas.

Combining state-of-the-art technology and marvellous designs, ‘Double Charge’ is a promise of long-lasting beauty. The top layer of these highly durable mirror polished tiles is 2-3mm thick. This is why, these tiles can withstand much more abuse retaining their original look for a longer period of time. The MoH (Measurement of Hardness) of these tiles is higher than usual floor tiles, which makes the longevity of these tiles much higher as well. As a result, these ‘natural marble look’ tiles can endure extreme abuses in commercial spaces, offices, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and even in factory floors staying in their original polished look effortlessly.

There was a time, when for superior construction quality, Bangladesh had no way but to rely on imported construction materials. But the time has changed now because of relentless effort and foresight of pioneers like Akij Ceramics. By introducing ‘Double Charge’ Porcelain Tiles, Akij Ceramics has paced a step further towards the golden age of construction, creating a class of its own.


‘Elegance’ is the word that expresses the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Also, this is the word that defines ‘Aura’ best. ‘Aura’ is a complete range of world class wall and floor tiles from Akij Ceramics. Exuding magnificence from the core, ‘Aura’ not only upholds Akij Ceramics’ promise of perfection, but also reinforces it with excellence and grandeur.

For those who want their residence or workplace to match their grace, to speak their mind and to reflect of their nobility, Aura provides them with the freedom to choose from limitless designs and numerous sizes. This range of magnificent floor and wall tiles are made to tell the story of your polished taste and preferences that sets you apart from the general crowd.

Manufactured with European technology, this exquisite range floor and wall tiles boasts extreme durability that is unmatched by almost all the others out there.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and process, Aura successfully minimizes the carbon footprint from its production process. Creating beauty both in home and commercial spaces using this immense range of tiles from Akij Ceramics is only limited by the imagination of the artist who will attempt to create art cuddled in elegance.